Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

Quite simply put, one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen, and not just on film.

I truly don't know how Kaufman was able to make all of this up. I feel like most of it is abstract, but it's so tightly constructed and metaphorical that I'm not quite sure that's the case. But the beauty of it is that it isn't just about a certain subject, as say, Anomalisa.

This is a film about many different things. This is life, and all the harsh truths about it. If someone can't relate to this at all, then they're not human. It's an incredibly sad film, but an honest one, despite all the deep thinking. The mere fear of ending up like the main character in this film is overwhelming...

And damn, I know for a fact that Phillip Seymour-Hoffman was an amazing actor, but his performances still blow me away like it's the first time I'm seeing him on screen...

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