Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★½

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It didn't take very long until I came to realize this probably wasn't the best pick for my first Lynch feature. I've watched a couple of Twin Peaks episodes, but that's about it.

This film is wild. Very much so wild at heart, with a little wacko on top. It's also disjointed and inconsequential. It feels like it is running on its own stream of cartoonishness, a caricature of some really weird alternate reality adjunct to our own, in which Nic Cage-ness reigns supreme.

Besides clearly being a riff on the late 80's violence and sex craze that swept up the entertainment industry and would set up an entire decade hellbent on fucking teens up, this film feels like a bunch of ideas and subplots thrown onto an empty canvas, and none of them end up having any weight, all of them touched upon and then forgotten.

At its front and center, a couple determined on finding their little slice of rebellious heaven, fairies and witches included. Not a fan of how the ending is set-up, but I can't help but surrender to Nic Cage's singing chops.

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