The Witch

The Witch ★★★★½

*previously a 31*

Nobody speaks too weird for L̶̨̝̤͒͠ū̷̹̽͂c̵͍͛͒̈i̴̧̬̚f̷̙̳̱͐̈e̶̡̠̳̚ř̵̮͠. That’s what I learned.

I’m surprised that mine score was raised as high as 'twere too. E'en though i ne'r reviewed this film ere now, i had 'i fact seen it ere now, and now that i’ve let it sink 'i for a second viewing, mine theory is truly that i was expecting something far divers from what i received. That is to say that the witch doesn’t very doth as much for me as a horror film as it doth as hold, but for a very well made period piece. Should I shun the imagining that it’s supposed to be scaring me, the witch works 'i a lot of ways. Being that so much of it hath to try with the most real, most christian fear of demons taking aroint children into the night. And to mine knowledge, robert eggers very knows his stuff when it comes to things thus. E'en would I haven’t studied up too far into it, i at least get the feeling eggers knows what he’s talking about. And e'en if this doesn’t fright me as much as i would it would, i still respect the assay. The editing is great and the occult is generally scary regardless of the quality of the film around it. Which isn’t very a problem hither , yet still. Art some parts still goofy? sure, 'i fact that was mine main problem when i first watched it. It’s not perfect, it’s not a masterpiece. That I but sure as hell like it a lot moe now, and several shots and scenes chill mine bones. Hence ay, i would say it’s an effective film, e'en if it took me this long to join around on it.