Captain Marvel ★★★★

As an origin story, this isn't quite up there with Marvel's best, but it's a highly entertaining movie. Carol's origin isn't given right away, as she has amnesia, and we discover her origin right alongside her. This leads to her kinda feeling like a Final Fantasy protagonist, but it definitely invigorates the story, making it feel unique among the Marvel origin stories. Brie Larson is great here, and Carol Danvers is a great, likable character. I can't wait to see more of her. Monica Rambeau is here too, but I feel like she wasn't utilized properly. Oh well.
Another issue is the 90s setting. It lends to a pretty fantastic soundtrack, but unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, it doesn't feel like an integral part of the experience. It just kinda shows that this happened before the MCU movies (outside of The First Avenger). Also, this is a nitpick that has no impact on the overall quality of the movie, but the fact that Heart's Crazy on You and Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly are only in the movie for a couple seconds is just a damn shame.
One really entertaining aspect of this movie was the back and fourth banter between Carol and Nick Fury. Marvel pulled their wizardry and made Samuel L. Jackson looks just like he did in the 90s, which is crazy, and he's also an entertaining character. His interactions with Carol really made the movie entertaining. The movie feels a little aimless towards the beginning, but it's still entertaining thanks to great characters like Carol and Nick.
This isn't some epic masterpiece, but it's an entertaining origin story that introduces a great character and expands cosmic Marvel after GotG introduced it. The little nods and references to other MCU movies were pretty great too. The MCU feels a little more complete with this movie, which is a good thing. This isn't Marvel's best, but it's damn fun.

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