Antoni Konieczny

"Dialogi niedobre… Bardzo niedobre dialogi są. W ogóle brak akcji jest. Nic się nie dzieje."

Favorite films

  • Dog Soldiers
  • King Kong
  • Dance of the Vampires
  • Stardust

Recent activity

  • It Came from the Water

  • Green Border


  • Passages


  • Vermin

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  • Wolf and Dog

    Wolf and Dog


    Giornate degli Autori 2022

    During our jury deliberations, I insisted that this film will resonate with a lot of people. I find it to be such an enchanting stream of emotion, warmth, and comfort that I can't help but wish for as many film lovers as possible to experience it too.

    It is a beautiful sensory journey that gives shape to fleeting moments and whose gentle flow doesn't take advantage of emotional manipulation that other filmmakers probably would've resorted to.…

  • Pearl



    Venezia 2022 (midnight screening)

    Wow, yeah, no.

    This film feels as though it was manufactured to be as tiktokable as possible. I found it borderline cynical how deliberately it taps into the trends the contemporary film public embraces. The majority ate it up though, so preferences aside, it's an impressive success.

    Without much ado, Pearl distances itself from Xs aesthetics. It's all pastel- and candy-like, a pretty evocative backdrop for the obligatory gore.

    Choices like so kept me engaged, but…