2046 ★★★★½

At first i watched this film and skipped to all the parts that had Faye Wong in it, I've always been a fan boy of her songs and boy did she put up an entrancing performance in this movie! The way she twirled and pirouetted in those black heels is just simply stunning. I started this way, but then couldn't help being enraptured by the other characters performances and stories and just stayed watching sans Faye. Even so, I would almost expect Wong Kar Wai wouldn't have minded that I watched his film in this fashion as anachronistic as the story is presented it wouldn't have mattered the order in which was watched.
The anachronisms serve to tell a story that is about the past, future and present, the choice of the time in which the film is set echoes a bit of DIcken's Christmas Carols. Another simile is in the choice of the entertainment circles hottest female talents from the previous, current and up and coming generations in Gong Li, Maggie Cheung, Zhang ZiYi, and Faye Wong.
Special acting mentions go to Zhang ZiYi, her rage, anger and jealousy in not being able achieve the love of another is right out there on the screen. She plays beautifully the mixture of confusion, disappointment and longing of having to fighting that losing battle, she tragically could not grasp that target of her affection is romantically wounded and is no longer capable of reciprocating what she desired.
But perhaps, if a person was to not take no for an answer and present the situation with enough tenacity, there is always another chance.

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