Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

Film 45 of "The December Challenge 2"
86 minutes
1st time watch

I'd been hearing about this for some time now and I recently missed an opportunity to see it in theaters a month or so ago. I really didn't know what to expect, I knew it was in black and white, and it was about 20 somethings in New York City. I guess I went in a little skeptical.

I gotta say, I liked this movie quite a bit. I found the film making quality to be great, the performances to be very good, specifically Greta Gerwig. Probably my favorite thing about the film was the soundtrack though. I loved the hell out of almost all the songs in the film. I'm sure some might say it's too indie film sounding, but the music was great. Don't get me wrong there were a few that I didn't like, not too many soundtracks with 100% perfect selection.

I loved the story too, which surprised me since it's about a woman in her late 20's that comes from money and is living on other people's couches when her roommate moves out. Don't get a real job or anything is what I would usually say and immediately hate the character. In this situation though I was in love with her, probably because she was so incredibly engaging with her childlike attitude and girl next door looks. Watching her go from being immature to trying to straighten her life out and become an adult. I found her very attractive even though she appears lanky and awkward (I don't know how tall she really is), but she didn't have the normal beauty that most starlets have. I thought the movie was pretty damn funny as well, and I felt it was akin to a Wes Anderson type comedy. The comedy was not laugh out loud, but I chuckled quite a bit. It makes sense since I think Noah Baumbach had part in some of Anderson's films if I'm not mistaken.

I've only seen Gerwig in "To Rome with Love", and I didn't really have an opinion of her from that, but she was really good in this IMO. I will seek out her other films after seeing this for sure. The rest of the cast was pretty good too, nobody that was out of hand bad, but nobody that was great either.

Overall I was having a great time watching this and would encourage anybody that was skeptical due to it's being in black and white, to give it a shot. I don't think you will regret it.

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