RoboCop ★★★★★

Robocop packs a punch like few other films can or ever have. This wasn't a carbon copy sci-fi movie. This one had balls, brains, & buckets of blood courtesy of the great Paul Vorhoeven. At the same time, from an emotional perspective the film gives its "tin man" a real heart because the empathy for a man wearing a metal suit gushes. We sympathize with a machine. Peter Weller's monotone voice worked for the role of the cyborg & I actually got more emotions out of him as Robocop than when he was in human mode. Our hero is thrown into the rundown streets & abandoned factories of Detroit Rock City, in the not too distant future, where OCP is the enemy & represents everything that could go wrong with a company. & due to the economy, Robocop seems almost like a documentary when it comes to the portrayal of Detroit & the economic devastation that the recession caused. So, throw in Vorhoeven's visceral directing, some awesome Rob Bottin made effects, great gore, a theme of man/machine co-existence, cool one liners, a really sweet Beretta, center it around a steel-clad cyborg cop, & you get a formula for a great cult classic that has stood the test of time. Accept no substitutes.

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