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  • Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story

    Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story


    This is just a wonderful time. Not necessarily deep in the story it tells, but the characters are so interesting. I could have watched the players arguing in the studio all day. Jimmy Carter Says Yes should have been a hit

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut

    Urban Legends: Final Cut


    This is a fun one. I always enjoy seeing Hart Bochner

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  • Thief



    Been putting this one off for a while for some reason. Absolutely loved it. Full of style without taking away substance. Doesn't feel slow, but takes it's time and has a great climactic ending. Tangerine Dream score is off the chart. Favorite Mann movie by far.

  • Targets



    Wow. Karloff is awesome. His final lines are classic. I wish this wasn't still relevant.