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  • The Special

    The Special


    This definitely played out like a Henenlotter-light (Bad Biology in particular) and I'm all for it! Such a fun, weird sexual bodyhorror type flick. Much better than Harrison Smith's previous films. Not necessarily a completely original concept, but it's definitely not that common. With a clever and extremely grotesque ending. Some truly repulsive effects to be enjoyed here. It takes some patience to get there, but it's most definitely rewarding.

  • Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

    Redwood Massacre: Annihilation


    The pacing is such an important (albeit difficult) thing to get right in a slasher. There has to be a certain rhythm to it, you have to amplify it after each kill and keep the rush going. And while David Ryan Keith might've improved over the years (the first one was released in 2014), it still has some major flaws when it comes to those specific filmmaking elements. It is way too timid, with a heavy emphasis on the characters…

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  • Snatchers



    A truly comical sciencefiction/horror hybrid that doesn't just cater to a younger/teen audience, but actually delivers its slimy alien rampage in an enjoyable old school fashion. With plenty of raunchy and witty humor to keep it going when the action is low and more than decent practical effects to top it all off. It has a high energy / playful charm that won't appeal to everyone, but it knows exactly what it wants to be and does it well.

  • Carrion



    Deserves more credit. While Michael Hall's 'Carrion' certainly isn't flawless (the acting is horrid), it sure plays to its strengths for the most part. Some great, moody cinematography and interesting editing, with some nifty intercutting and a couple of trippy sequences. It reminded me of Calvin Reeder (Oregonian in particular) in a way, which is always a good thing. And while I can't argue with the arguments presented by the people who thoroughly disliked this, I just applaud the risks…