A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★½

Back at the theater with Parker! We decided to make this our choice for the great social distanced return to the good ol’ days and what a excellent choice it was! Although I gotta say that with movies premiering on streaming services these days, the theater itself is losing some appeal to my super introverted ass. 2 hours out in public is kind of exhausting? I never thought I’d say that, but here we are and my age is apparently showing!

Anyway, after a year + without going to a theatrical release I wasn’t really expecting much from this. I actually couldn’t decide if they were dumping it in theaters before the pandemic was over because it wasn’t that good OR it was so good they were saving it for theaters to draw people back after all this time. It turns out it was the latter and a very smart move. This sequel brings all of the intensity and breathlessness of the first movie. I didn’t see the first one in theaters, but it was so unique to see this one and experience extended moments of complete silence (with the exception of the one obnoxious popcorn muncher). It was eerie and beautiful and kind of mind blowing that such a simple concept came across as a totally new experience for me.

The performances were fantastic across the board. The kid actors were good in the first one, but somehow they stepped up their whole game by about 632% this time around. It goes without saying that Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy (love the scruffy look) did great and we even get a little bit of John Krasinski looking fine as hell in a flashback sequence.

If you’ve been itching to get back to the theater, this is absolutely the one to see. I had to pee twice because my anxiety was through the roof and I think I stopped breathing at least a half dozen times and kids, that’s how you know you’re watching a damn good movie!

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