Boardinghouse ★★★★½

This review is for the 2.5 hour “director’s cut” and I’m tossing out an extra half star because I actually loved every second of this delightful mess. Seriously, I could have watched another hour of this SOV treasure and it’s definitely something I intend to have playing in the background while I do stuff around the house!

I love how much Johnn “2 n’s” Wintergate loves himself. Like half of the movie he’s in a bikini brief and I’m honestly surprised this version didn’t have a scene of him just swinging his dick in front of the camera. I can’t really remember what was in this version vs. the regular cut but it’s nothing that really makes the shorter version any more coherent and I’m glad because that’s part of the charm of this SOV masterpiece! 

I don’t remember ever noticing it before, but was that a statue of David but with a big dick in the backyard or am I just completely tripping? Maybe it’s not David. I know it was a big dick statue. Please don’t tell me I’m hallucinating penises.

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