Damien: Omen II

Damien: Omen II ★★★★

Yep! I liked pretty much everything about this sequel more than the first one. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a better movie, it’s just much more on my wavelength.

Damien is now a teenager and living with his very wealthy aunt and uncle whileattending a military school with his cousin, which seems a bit odd because I didn’t know that was really something stupid rich parents did. Like don’t they usually just hire a live-in nanny to do all the parenting for them? Whatever, anyway, this one moved at a much better pace than the first one and the kid who plays Damien does a really great job. For the most part, the kill scenes are much more over the top than the first one which means I definitely enjoyed them more. One highlight was the guy from Designing Women getting cut in half, but my favorite is the woman who gets attacked by a couple of crows who manage to take her down into a ditch and I am HERE for it. Crows: 1, Woman: 0.

I liked the whole “Damien coming to terms with being the Antichrist” thing because geez, like puberty isn’t awful enough, but then you gotta deal with that on top of it?! Poor Damien. I mean, not really, but yeah kinda, right? He does seem to come to terms with it pretty well tho. Also, a young Lance Henriksen is in this so that kinda means I have to love it.

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