Nightbeast ★★★★½

Well this was just adorable and quite frankly more delightful than I ever expected it to be. Low on competence but high on determination (and probably some cocaine) is what this is and friends, those are the best kind of movies. When a bunch of people with little to no experience and/or credibility get together with a dream they all believe in well that’s more endearing to me than anything else you could watch.

LOTS of severed limbs that look terrible, but also a decapitation and an electrocution that…well I mean they don’t look great, but someone put a lot of loving work into those effects and that’s what’s important.

This also has the most awkward sex scene I’ve seen in quite some time. I mean, just cringey from the embarrassing pre-coitus flirting all the way through but I LOVE that both actors were fully nude because that’s the scene where we want to focus on realism, right everybody??

Oh I’ll be watching this on a regular basis for sure. It’s actually right up there with Winterbeast in the small but extremely important sub-genre of “movies with a single word title that ends in ‘-beast’ that I could watch endlessly and possibly never tire of”.

Oh I almost forgot to do a shout out to the Jaws *ahem* inspired score (by JJ Abrams at the peak of his career) that’s in parts of the movie where the Nightbeast randomly pops into the frame out of nowhere to attack someone much like a land version of a great white shark!

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