Perfect Blue ★★★★★

Anime Marches On! 2018 Challenge

5 of 5 from the 90’s


This. Was. Perfect. It’s right there in the name and it’s no lie because I really loved this. In fact, not only is it the best anime movie I’ve seen, but this is the one I would tell people to watch if they had never seen one before.

It’s about a girl who decides to leave her singing career to be an actress, but she finds herself haunted by both her past and a creepy stalker and basically it’s just this horrific descent into madness. It’s surreal but it’s subtly surreal if that makes sense? Weird stuff happens constantly and you’re never quite sure what’s real and what isn’t and the entire time you really have no idea whether she’s going to be ok or if her entire reality is literally going to fold in on her and it’s just really the best. I guess you could say it’s kinda like the quietly demented/low key insane love child of an orgy with Lynch, De Palma, and Hitchcock. I just honestly was not expecting such a BRILLIANT work of psychological horror in this format, but here it is and there better be more out there like this.

I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this, but I CAN give all my love and thanks to Kaijuman for hosting this challenge and thereby introducing me such an amazing movie. I kinda doubt I would ever have discovered it on my own and now that I have I can’t even imagine a world without it.

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