Saw II

Saw II ★★★★

In some ways, this is my favorite entry in the series. I love that downright filthy aesthetic like everything needs a deep cleaning that no human is even capable of. Shades of green and brown and everybody is sweaty like they just poured off the I'm a Slave 4 U video set and straight into a Jigsaw game. Still, I can't give it the full 5 stars because after all is said and done, it didn't outright traumatize me the way the first one did...although that needle scene comes pretty fucking close.

I really like Bousman's direction of the sequels that he did and it's kinda weird because while I loved Repo! The Genetic Opera and Mother's Day, I have been pretty less than impressed with everything else he's done. And let's be honest, I loved Mother's Day almost entirely because of Rebecca DeMornay. That woman is a Queen of Queens. But anyway, he really brings it to the yard in these movies and gives us a flashy, gritty, gory, greasy good time.

This is also one of the few entries with a really great cast aside from the first one and for the most part the third one as well. Nobody plays a washed up cop with an anger problem like Donnie Wahlberg and I've been in love with Emmanuelle Vaugier since she had a guest run on Smallville. Of course, the real MVP is Shawnee Smith proving to every damn body that she is much more than a leftover pretty face from the 80's. We ALL felt that needle scene Shawnee and that's because you sold the shit so well.

I also love how this movie is totally preposterous and yet compared to the later entries it actually seems believable in comparison. Like in this movie you're thinking "wow that took a lot of planning and luck to make happen the way Jigsaw wanted" and by part 6 you're like "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY GETTING ALL THESE THEME PARK SIZED EMPTY WAREHOUSES COME ON!" But I love it. All of it.

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