Serial Mom

Serial Mom ★★★★★

I don’t want anyone to think, in saying this, that im being hyperbolic because I assure you I’m not, but this is probably one of the greatest films ever made.

John Waters is a legend and I love all of his movies, but this sharp satire on the celebrity status achieved by criminals is just perfect in every scene. You couldn’t ask for a better lead than Kathleen Turner to play the titular deranged mom, but also every single scene is just a deliriously over the top delight that never once has ceases to make me laugh out loud.

Cameos by Mink Stole, Patty Hearst, and Traci Lords are just par for the course with Waters, but I feel like the characters they play here are some of their best. Who doesn’t love a good pussy willow amiright? And “please, fashion has changed!” is one of my all time favorite lines.

And the murder of the woman who refuses to rewind video tapes….*chefs kiss* probably my favorite scene. As a former video store employee, I feel that so deeply!

Kinda got the urge for more Waters movies now so that may be where I’m headed next!

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