Sleepwalkers ★★★★★

Brian Krause is the reason I’m gay.

I mean obviously he didn’t make me gay, although I’m pretty sure if that was how things worked he would have succeeded, but he starred in Return to the Blue Lagoon the year before this came out and when I saw him in that movie I knew right then that I liked boys. It’s funny because I was able to see that movie at the time because it was rated PG-13 and he spends the entire movie basically wearing nothing but a sheer loincloth so it was essentially porn to young pre-teen me. However, I couldn’t watch this gory and violent but sexually pretty tame horror movie because it was rated R and off limits. I eventually watched it at a friends house during a sleepover, but until then I made do with the book and spent a tremendous amount of time fantasizing about Brian. Even rewatching this for the millionth time, I still find him irresistible and have no problem believing how into him I was, unlike some other school kid crushes where you’re like “tf was I thinking?!”

The movie itself is also pretty absolutely fantastic! The cover art has always been one of my favorite posters and I had it on my wall for a long time. The story about cat-like shapeshifters that can basically only be killed by cats is pretty equal bonkers AND badass, just a full-on drug fueled genuinely beautiful disaster of the highest caliber. It works even in its silliest moments because there are cats in almost every scene and the cast is so dedicated. It really makes all the difference. Alice Krige and Mädchen Amick especially both COMMIT.

Of course, the real MVP is Clovis, the badass cat hero that pushes this up to the 5 star level. We fully support any movie where a cat saves the day, especially when he’s wearing an adorable little collar with his name on it in big letters! 😻

I love that this movie has achieved a level of cult status because it’s probably my favorite King movie, only somewhat coincidentally coming in just barely ahead of Cat’s Eye. What can I say? I’m a predictable bitch.

Also, a perfectly chosen haunting Enya song?? Fucking FABULOUS.

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