Suspiria ★★★★★

I suddenly decided to watch this again last night because a friend mentioned it in passing and I was like "all 300 million-ish of the other movies I want to watch can wait ima have a moment and do this one again" and it was absolutely the right choice because I loved it even more this time around.

I think this is how a remake should be done. It takes the original story and opens up new elements. It never changes the original story, but it opens up new places that we didn't get to see in the original and I think that's a really smart way to go about remaking such an iconic movie. There's never any attempt to recreate or even outdo the classic scenes from the original and I think that is especially smart because it would have been judged so harshly and failed so miserably and as a true believer that Dario is our Lord and Savior, you bet your sweet ass I would have been the one doing the judging and shaming.

But Luca made all the right choices for this and I really fucking love it. It stands as it's own separate film with subtle nods to the greatness of the original and every time I caught one of those nods (which was more this time than last time), I just thought "nice boyyyyyy". And it doesn't just stand as it's own separate film, but it's also really good as it's own film. At no point do I ever feel like Luca is trying to say "look at my bright shiny new version for a new generation". Instead, I see someone who really loves the original in many of the same ways I do and wants to lovingly add his own piece to the Suspiria universe, if you will, and I think that's just awesome.

Does this movie make give me chills in parts like the original? Yes. Does it absolutely take over me and cause a euphoric response in the same way the original did? Well, no, and I don't think any movie ever will. But the love and respect that this movie shows for the movie I love more than any other movie is what makes me give them both the same rating.

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