Tenebre ★★★★★

Perfection. This is such a wonderful and amazing movie. Absolutely peak level giallo. Trading your body for a paperback, shoving book pages in Ania Pieroni’s mouth, totally abandoning your luggage to take a phone call at the airport, two faced reporters, John Steiner giving an epic eye roll, Daria Nicolodi with that kinda awful but incredibly endearing dub (“I’ll be right round”), John Saxon spinning his hat around, Lara Wendel flapping around all over the place as she escapes the wrath of a pissed off dog only to face the wrath of the killer, Christian Borromeo in pants so tight that him jumping a fence defies all science and logic, Veronica Lario’s sublime “woe is me AND I’ve got the vapors” performance, Anthony Franciosca’s perfect reaction to that near car accident, comic relief cops, a transgender actress playing a knockout femme fatale, closeups of bloody eyeballs, BEAUTIFUL camerawork, a f*cking BRILLIANT ending with no less than a handful of surprises. I absolutely love everything about this movie.

I currently still stand by my declaration of Deep Red as my favorite giallo, but I’m in no way saying that movie is better than this one. It’s completely a slight personal preference that probably could go back and forth between these two on almost any given day. 

I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough: Dario Argento is our lord and savior and none of us are worthy of his supreme greatness.

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