Terrifier ★★★½

I’ve read some very mixed reviews about this so I really didn’t know what to expect. Just based on that cover art I thought surely this would be a 5 star masterpiece. It turns out it’s not anywhere close to that level, but it’s still pretty good.

Art the Clown is terrifying and I really would like to see a whole series full of his shenanigans. This is gory and mean af so I completely get why some don’t like it. That stuff didn’t bother me probably because I’m dead inside, but there were still some parts that didn’t work too well. The super cliched coroner eating while working thing really made me roll my eyes like we get it: coroners maybe eat at work and that’s unpleasant to those of us who don’t handle dead bodies for a living except who cares can we just stop already??

Anyway, all the actors were really nothing special and that’s ok because Art is creepy enough to steal the entire show. That smile is pure nightmare fuel.

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