The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 ★★★

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt - August 2018

10: survival/backwoods horror

Wow I’m behind on this challenge, but it’s like this: I just can’t be pressured in challenges and life in general, k? If it’s any consolation, I probably put more pressure on these challenges then anything else in my life because horror movies are important and because I generally make questionable choices as my entire life is testament to.

I don’t like this sequel as much as the 06 remake, but I definitely like it a lot more than the original sequel. The mutant hillbilly effects were not quite as good this time and the acting was definitely worse, but the gore was pretty great. The whole rape scene really made me noticeably uncomfortable and I get that it was supposed to do that but ugh. 

I’m giving this an extra half star for playing Celldweller’s “Own Little World” over the credits because I love that song and it brings back some pleasant memories.

Bananameter: 🍌 a person coming up through a port-a-potty may be the biggest fear I never knew I had 🍌

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