The Ogre ★★★

This is actually an installment of the made for TV movie series Brivido Giallo. and really has nothing at all to do with the Demons series, but since it’s directed by Lamberto Bava and stars Virginia Bryant (the prozzie from Demons 2), they slapped the Demons name on this because in 80’s Italy they would do pretty much anything to make money on horror movies and I love it.

The story is about a writer who moves her family into a creepy old castle so she can get some inspiration and darn it, there’s a bloodthirsty ogre hanging out in the basement. Really, this is not a particularly good movie, but something about it is very comforting to me. The slow pace and languid music are almost hypnotic and really just put me in a nice calm mood. Since it’s been snowing all day and I just watched a fun giallo by Bava Jr. earlier, it seemed like an ideal time to revisit this one. It does have a great setting with that castle and some nice atmosphere, but really not much happens until the very end. Still, I always enjoy it. It’s kind of like a movie version of Xanax and sometimes that’s a very good thing.

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