The Slumber Party Massacre ★★★★★

I have seen this movie SO. MANY. TIMES. but today was a rainy day and for whatever reason I like watching this during heavy rain so I revisited it again.

It’s such a great slasher that maybe isn’t quite as well known as the genre staples, but totally holds its own with those bigger guys. It brilliantly walks a line between silly and dark with clever jokes and funny scenes peppered throughout. The body in the refrigerator and the pizza eating are absolutely classic. This is basically one of those R.L. Stine YA novels given the grownup treatment and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Plus, you’ve got Brinke Stevens in her first role and you can clearly see how she would go on to become a scream queen. 

I love these strong 80’s vibes except that scene where she’s making did we ever think that much sugar was ok?!

Bananameter: 🍌 life goes on after all 🍌