The Vigil

The Vigil ★★★★½

I am legitimately shocked that this didn’t get higher ratings from everyone. I don’t find movies actually genuinely scary very often, but I feel like if you don’t find this at least a little bit scary then I’m concerned??

Maybe I loved it so much because it hits all the right notes for me: super creepy house with things lurking in the shadows, freaky looking demon, high tension level, all pretty low key though…no big special effects or anything super Hollywood which is a selling point for me.

I watched this in the dark and my bathroom door is open with a little nightlight in it and boyyyyy I kept glancing over out the corner of my eye expecting something to pop out of there haha great stuff! The lead actor helped make this with his awesome performance and whole hot but dorky Jewish guy thing going on. It works very well. 

I don’t think I’d even heard of this before I saw it on Hulu last night? It’s a Blumhouse movie, but somehow I think it flew entirely under my radar so I’m really glad I stumbled onto it. I see a lot of reviews complaining about the jump scares and yes it has those, but I think they’re very nicely balanced with the subtle creepy scares which means y’all just need to stop being so goddamn hateful lol just kidding I love all of you. But also let’s get these ratings higher people. Good horror vibes is what this world needs more of.

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