Upgrade ★★★★★

Yesterday was a rough fucking day for me. Work was stressful and on top of that it was payday which is great at first, but then you start paying all those bills and watch that money just disappear and then you just kinda hate everything about our fucked up capitalist system and I’ve been doing really well on not drinking much lately, but yesterday I needed a goddamn drink so I stopped by the store and got a pint of vodka and thought that will be plenty and I’ll have a nice buzz and calm down, but because I haven’t been drinking as much, I was like damn this is great and the next thing you know I’m sloshed on the couch trying to watch THIS movie and I can’t pay attention to save my life so I cut it off, go to bed, sleep horribly, and feel like shit for most of today and think “right THIS is why I quit that shit” because I guess I’m just at the age where the after effects are sooooooooo not worth feeling good the night before. So I rewatched this tonight and goddamn if it isn’t one of the best movies I’ve seen in a minute! There’s another lesson for you! Alcohol can cause you to completely miss an amazing movie!

Anyway, I just thought that everything about this was perfect. Kinda how I thought about The Invisible Man. I remember when it was like “oh hey that guy from Saw also directed it neat huh” and now it’s like “oh hey that guy who directed Saw is killing it!” because he really has come into his own as one of the greats and hell, I’d put him beside Flanagan. I don’t know if that’s considered a “hot take” and I also couldn’t give a shit if I tried, but it’s how I feel about Whannell at this point.

And Logan Marshall-Green? With the daddy beard and copious use of sarcasm? HOT. And Betty Gabriel can just be in all the movies as far as I’m concerned because she’s just badass.
This whole movie was badass. That ending was some dark ass badass shit and I loved loved loved it. Even the score was perfect. I really have to stop sleeping on new releases, especially when they are by filmmakers I love!

Is it weird that I would totally be cool with a Stem buddy as long as he didn’t become autonomous? Like I think Stem in the beginning would be an awesome thing to have. That’s probably weird, huh?

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