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  • Rift
  • Hellbent
  • B&B
  • Vampire Boys
  • Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

Homo Horror

131 films

i’m not talking about a movie where a gay is just a little side dish with a few good lines…

  • The Lodge
  • The Blackcoat's Daughter
  • It Comes at Night
  • The Witch
  • Hereditary

that real dark shit

136 films

beautifully dark and downbeat, gloomy, doomy, and often quite grey, but not always. my favorite ones are though.

all around…

  • Axegrinder
  • Axegrinder 666
  • Axegrinder 2
  • Axegrinder 3
  • Axegrinder 5: Blood Vengeance
  • The Crawling Brain
  • Shrunken Heads
  • Death O' Lantern
  • The Initiation of Sarah
  • Die Sister, Die!

Week of Terrible Choices: Part 3-D

12 films

Taylor and I are at it again!

  • The Bye Bye Man
  • Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox
  • The Paradise Motel
  • Dark Floors
  • The Room

Disasterpiece Theater

8 films

There are 5 star genuinely amazing films and there are 5 star genuinely amazing total train wrecks. Guess which ones…

  • Within the Woods
  • Children of Camp Blood
  • Camp Blood
  • Camp Blood 8: Revelations
  • Camp Blood 2

Camp Blood: Ranked

12 films

Finally, the list that nobody has been waiting for! These are all really bad movies. The earlier ones are “so…

  • 10 to Midnight
  • After Death
  • Alien: Covenant
  • Alive
  • All the Colors of the Dark

every single gd movie i own

398 films

obviously this is going to take a while.

  • Scream
  • Scream VI
  • Scream 4
  • Scream
  • Scream 2

Scream: Ranked

6 films

Definitely not the most popular opinion, but then what did you expect?

  • Ghostkeeper
  • The Thing
  • Wendigo
  • Moonstalker
  • The Bye Bye Man

Winter Wonderland OF TERROR

72 films

Here is a list of horror movies that are winter themed but NOT set directly during the holidays or about…

  • 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck
  • 13 Ghosts
  • 1408
  • 4 Horror Tales: Hidden Floor
  • 8213: Gacy House

Haunted House Horror Movies

324 films

I love all horror movies but I especially love haunted house movies! A movie can be mind numbingly awful but…

  • Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge
  • Axegrinder 5: Blood Vengeance
  • Cannibal Doctor
  • Meathook Massacre
  • The Hidden

Week of Terrible Choices: Part II

17 films

Taylor is back to visit and we are fiercely marching forward with a full week of absolutely terrible/wonderful (terrible) movie…

  • The 12 Days of Krampus
  • 13 Slays Till X-mas
  • The Advent Calendar
  • Alien Raiders
  • All Through the House

Christmas Chillers!

204 films

It’s time for a full month of Christmas-themed horror movies! I mean, what else did you expect from me?