Eternals ★★★★

Random Thoughts on "Eternals":

1.) "Eternals" has the inverse problem of "Shang-Chi" from earlier this year. Whereas "Shang-Chi" started strong and finished weak, "Eternals" starts weak (it's super disjointed) and finishes hella strong. The turning point for me was when the Eternals arrive at the home of Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) in Chicago - from there on it's all gravy.

2.) Chubba Bubba's come to play hardcore in Eternals - Phastos, Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-seok) and Karun (Harish Patel) are easily the best characters. Big boys represent!

3.) Speaking of body image, it's sorta hilarious that Kumail Nanjiani got all ripped for this movie when his character totally didn't necessitate it.

4.) "Eternals" is "Game of Thrones" AF! Not only do you have Richard Madden and Kit Harrington on hand, but there's also a character named Sersi (Gemma Chan) - spelled differently but pronounced the same as Cersei. Speaking of Madden, I sorta suspect and hope that he'll be our next James Bond. It'd be kinda cool to have another Scotsman inhabit the role.

5.) Square folks are gonna have problems with the allusion to hetero sex and the gay kiss. I actually saw a parent cover their child's eyes. Loosen the fuck up!

6.) This bish made me cry twice. If you've seen the movie I suspect you know the moments.

7.) Loved the Pink Floyd and Foreigner needle drops that opened and closed the picture.

8.) Nice job, Chloé!

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