Us ★★★★

Us really ain't much of shit when compared to Jordan Peele's brilliant directorial debut Get Out. That's not to say it's not really solid - it is - it's just not on a whole other level like Get Out was. Us makes me think Peele's upcoming Twilight Zone redux is in especially good hands as it feels very much like an extended episode of the series. The film isn't anywhere near as scary as its advertisements would lead you to believe - it trades far more in the realm of suspense. The cast is uniformly great - especially good are the four actors making up the primary family (Lupita Nyong'o, a goofily entertaining Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) as well as Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker as the parents' yuppie pals. I especially dug Alex's character, Jason, who has the picture's best laugh lines and likely serves as a youthful Peele facsimile what with his Jaws t-shirt and monster mask. Side note: What's with the weird and omnipresent usage of rabbits in movies of late? Between Us and The Favourite there's a strange trend afoot.

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