The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★½

Back at the theater for the first time in forever. I’m currently on a who-knows-how-long Cali not-so-mini vacation, and spent yesterday in San Francisco utilizing a day focused on “freedom and independence” to visit one of the world’s most notorious maximum-security prisons (Alcatraz). 

So I’m not a fan at all of The Purge series - I think they’re over-indulgent and, like the plot of the films themself, a white, cisgendered, conservative American man’s wet dream. Just not my thing. This is obviously a politically-“charged” jab at American culture that doesn’t really seem to know who exactly it’s throwing and missing all of its miscellaneous blows at. It tries to be anti-establishment, pro-American, anti-violence, and pro-NRA/anti-NRA all at once. The script is juvenile and predictable. The “scares” all fall right off the wall. The whole thing is terribly hand-holdy. It reminds me quite a bit of last year’s The Hunt, although I enjoyed that and its self-conscious humor a hell of a lot more. Bleh.

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