Saint Maud

Saint Maud ★★★★

This movie is lean and mean with no space whatsoever to do anything but compound dread. I really like movies that have blurred lines between truly supernatural occurrences and unchecked mental illness, which this movie entirely embodies. Maud as a character feels so entirely unhinged and checked out of whatever could be construed as reality and at no point is ever near characters that take the time or energy to notice her situation, most of the time because other characters are so checked in to their own realities or because she’s in the role of the caretaker, and simply let her dive deeper and deeper in to whatever holy or otherwise mental space she inhabits. The cinematography is so simplistic but so rich at the same time and whoever colored this movie deserves a hearty pat on the back. The few moments of special/visual effects in the movie are yet another cherry on top of a stack of other cherries that have already been dropped on this bleak sundae, really rounding it out to a great movie. Of everything I’ve seen from 2020, this is in my top 10 for sure. I recommend this to anyone who loves that sweet mix of religion and horror (or religion and psychosis), people who like to feel their skin crawl, and fans of the girl who slowly goes mad genre.

P.S. Feeling a lot better about dropping 60 bucks on one of those Online Cermaics shirts even though the movie hadn’t even come out yet.

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