Drive ★★★★½

What an unbelievable film! Nicolas Winding Refn did a superb job on Drive, to the point in which I was left speechless. It is not often that I like every part to a film, but i'm glad to say that with this I did. The narrative is fairly straight forward, with no twists or unpredictability but it did it perfectly. On top of this, there is a real lack of speech through the majority of the film, yet I did not find myself bored one bit. The soundtrack and cinematography went hand in hand with each other and the lack of dialogue.

Ryan Gosling being the "main" actor of Drive was a very good decision. He is capable of playing a very suave character well, as well as having an awkwardness about him. All these characteristics only made him more relatable, and I enjoyed his performance very much. I was someone who had little to do with Ryan Gosling for a long time, as I knew him as "the guy from The Notebook", but after watching Blade Runner I was transformed if you will. As for the rest of the cast, they all demonstrated their abilities as actors, especially both Bryan Cranston and Ron Pearlman who went against their standard characters. All the other actors were pretty much standard, although Carey Mulligan definitely gave one of her best performances, which is not saying too much.

The film is an absolute masterpiece, and I have little to nothing in critique about this film. I never expected to enjoy this film that much but I am happy to be wrong. I cannot recommend this film enough, and in not watching this film, the only person missing out is you.

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