Apollo 11 ★★★★½

One of those movies that will, in all likelihood, send you into a doozy of an existential crisis regarding the nature of the human existence and the wonderful achievements that we pretend time and time again we're too thick-headed to actually pull off. Consider, for a moment, the scale of mankind's stupidity, all the way from your barely-standing drunk ex-boyfriend who did a People's Elbow from the top rung of your parent's kitchen counter onto a defenseless folding table, and all the way up to the hair's distance we were from total global extermination via the Cold War. Somewhere on that bewildering scale of untold denseness, our human race was able to build a petrol-burning, space-probing, rickety-old science project that took three of our smartest occupants to the moon AND BACK. The same species that invented slavery, the same culture that brought you 'Jackass' style comedy, the same people that have willingly ingested cancer for a century and a half - THESE thinkers bridged a 238,900 mile gap, squatted on a neighboring rock while it mysteriously floats around our rock at a speed of 2,288mph, then GOT BACK ON the delivering ship and made it back to home base in 8 days. I'm writing this and fact checking over and over because this shit is bonkers. The capacity of the proactive human collaborator is beyond words, wouldn't you say?