Joker ★★★★★

Even now, a couple months after the opening of 'Joker', I have heard considerably less of the conversation suggesting that the movie projects the misuse of violence for the purpose of storytelling. And while I can understand how violence, particularly that which is seen in 'Joker' could cause a bit of alarmism in the cinema viewing community, I have to disagree with the assessment of its effect. I have to believe (if not only to support the integrity of film) that the role of violence as its seen in this flick is more commentary than it is predictive or suggestive. So for the folks who don't like the dark nature of the subject matter here, I say it's just holding a mirror up to our society, and that's to the credit of 'Joker', not the detriment.

I think I might've overwritten this. Hopefully it makes sense.