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  • Prospect



    I’m not sure how this one ended up on my Hooptober list, but it got there somehow and I feel it deserves a disclaimer. This is not really a horror movie. It’s an absolutely fantastic science fiction movie, but it won’t really scratch the horror itch, and I say that as a very inclusive horror viewer.

    This film is almost the Platonic ideal of the cheapo b-movie sci-fi flick. You know the ones: they start with a single scene in…

  • Livid



    Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the same team that made Inside, have crafted a great haunted house mashup that serves as an homage to the horror genre as it delivers its ghastly and visceral thrills. Excellent, moody music kicks off an opening that is crisp and dripping with atmosphere. It’s clear from the beginning that the filmmakers have a great eye. And while some of the beauty of the first act gets necessarily obscured in the darkness of the spooky…

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  • Them!



    This film has so many Wilhelm screams.

    I feel conflicted about this particular sound effect. On the one hand, it has been used in the films I watched the most when I was younger, like the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. On the other hand, once it became a stock sound effect and filmmaking in-joke, so many movies used it that it quickly lost whatever novelty it may have had. Now, at least as far as I’m concerned,…

  • The Blackwell Ghost 8

    The Blackwell Ghost 8


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Turner Clay returns to the investigation of the Lightfoot murders once again in the eighth installment in the series. This one feels like a culmination to the mystery that began all the way back in the third film. There’s a moment when all of Clay’s ghost hunting toys (keyboard, fridge magnets, ghost phone, motion sensor, etc.) go off back to back that brings back fond memories of when he trotted them out in earlier outings. It’s handled very nicely, but…

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  • Censor



    Spectacular. Anxious. Full of grief, uncertainty, and fear.

    Enid is a video nasty censor in the Thatcher-era United Kingdom. Her job is to watch the films that are the worst of the worst, the smut, the filth, and the gore, and cut them down until they are fit for the masses. She views herself as a protector, a guardian keeping the public safe. When one particular film resonates with her—its plot bears a shocking similarity to the events surrounding the…

  • Men



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    At first, Men looks like Alex Garland’s version of the ideas explored in Midsommar. He seems to be using horror to explore the grief and guilt around the ending of a relationship from a woman’s perspective. And it is that, but it is also a strange pagan story of violent rebirth that is brilliantly put together. The sound design is fantastic and every shot is gorgeous. It’s full of echoing ululation and crisp shots of forests and fields. I felt…