Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

Shin Godzilla pits its ever-evolving monster against a host of Japanese bureaucrats. They sit around large tables and make important decisions. The only problem is that they are always a step too slow. Thankfully Godzilla evolves because the first iteration is comically cartoonish, all bug-eyed (or, more accurately, fish-eyed) and flailing. Destructive certainly, but also ridiculous. When he returns he is twice the size and much more capable of walking on land. He slowly marches to Tokyo, leading to an amazing scene where he unleashes atomic blasts from his mouth and dorsal spikes, absolutely obliterating his attackers and slicing through Tokyo with fire and lasers.

Ultimately, they successfully enact a plan to freeze the beast. There is something awesome about a huge monster that just sits frozen in place in the middle of a city. He’ll move again… but when? Very cool imagery that matches some of what Anno did in Evangelion.

Viewed as part of the Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge and Hooptober 8.

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