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  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • Yi Yi
  • The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina
  • New Rose Hotel

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  • Siberia



    Is it the slow-burn, bone-chilling, atmospheric, character-development driven, jumpscare-free release from Ferrara that he promised?
    -That's the wrong question.

    Is this the logical next-step forward in new sincere, self-reflexive cinema from one of the boldest directors of all time?

    Instead of being inviting and plot-driven like many of his other highly personal films, Ferrara almost seems to be shut off and impenetrable here - except we're on the inside with him. That's not to say that nothing makes sense…

  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


    Tokyo Drift surely stands out as the series' (Lucas) Black sheep, but that's what leads it to being some of the most resonant storytelling Fast and Furious has seen to date.

    With a third film in the franchise and a brand new screenwriter with yet another director, all signs were pointing to failure for this film if it was played like the previous two. Thankfully, Lin elevated Tokyo Drift through some more stylized direction that was a distinct departure from…

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  • The History of the Atlanta Falcons

    The History of the Atlanta Falcons


    This is not the direction I saw Bois & co. going in after the aggressively compassionate Mariners documentary, but this is still a very worthy entry in empathetic sport based storytelling. This is not to imply this work does not contain any sort of human edge to it because it is abundantly clear that there are many beautiful people associated with this team that are given the time of day, but the angle taken towards exploring their plight towards success definitely…

  • Sweet Home Carolina

    Sweet Home Carolina


    my fellow Ryans who take up review slot 1 (Ryanes) and review slot 2 (tryan94), I may not have our name in my username but it is my display. I must take an enlightened stance that neither of you come even close to achieveing...this film is alright. I... simply think it is a decent film with a fine message!!!

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  • Baxter




  • Full Force

    Full Force

    The abhorrent middle ground between Shane Dawson and trappped.
    Ian treats his subject, an actual human being, with so little respect here its embarrassing. Constantly cutting away from what hes saying so as to keep the focus of this documentary on himself. Nothing is really ever about "fatty", just Ian being goofy and one-step removed from plagiarizing MDE content as hes been doing his entire career. I wanted to know more about Chris's way of life, why he does the…