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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    “...he’s not lost. not infinity......”
    ”.....and beyond.”

    woody is never giving up on getting other toys hooked up with kids. it’s sad as hell. these movies always make me sad because i know that they’re just snippets of temporal happiness. the toys are only happy because they have kids to own them and things to do, but the underlying reality is that eventually they’ll become just as useless as the spork believes he is. forky’s “woe is me” rant…

  • Suspiria



    << film #27 of 31 days of halloween >>

    still so perfect in so many ways! i want to take a moment to talk about a topic near to my heart as it pertains to this film: style versus substance. this is a film that has a very solid and interesting plot in my opinion. however, it isn’t asking some deep metaphysical questions or exploring the existential nature of human existence. it’s simply a supernatural thriller with a tinge of giallo from…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    that was a lot of fun. the king challenges next to the waterfall were the best parts. beautiful action choreography and cinematography. amazing soundtrack. could’ve been a little less on the nose if was wanting to avoid the political dimensions of the character; and if they wanted to venture into the political, they could have been a lot more radical with it. solid entry though.

  • Bao


    now that’s what i call MUNCH-ausen

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  • Tremors



    was challenged to re-watch tremors by Justin on the last episode we recorded of our cinema podcast. i had previously given it 2.5 stars. i’m going to bump it up to 3.5 because it is an enjoyable movie. it’s still hard for me to rate it much higher but 3.5 is substantially better than 2.5 in my personal rating system, and is actually a pretty good score for a film to get. i especially enjoyed the chemistry between the two…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    “you shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my walkman”

    okay, this is easily my favorite of the MCU so far. weird tastes i know. but the humor, action, design, and even cgi of this film is just fantastic. i love the characters and the way they’re all pretty much chaotic neutral assholes who only together form a collective good. they’re pretty great, and baby groot is adorable. i know a lot of ppl didn’t like this one but i’m…