Burning ★★★★★

i haven’t ever seen anything like this before tbh. something so subtle that works its way under your skin and truly overtakes you. it’s so menacing and voyeuristically crafted as it causes you to question everything that you hear and see. some beautiful cinematography and a nightmarish affect. like the “something isn’t right here but what” feeling that you get when watching Twin Peaks. that’s about the only comparison i have to this movie. but whereas TP utilizes exaggerated drama to break into its surrealist subtext with characters that just don’t seem quite right, Burning weaves its nightmare more subtly through ambiguity and subtext. but what’s true is that in both works you feel them rather than watch. any attempt to get answers in the narrative of this film lead us to more questions. and any attempt to construct an analytic interpretation of this film is elusive at best. you just have to let the slow burn overtake you until it has set your subconscious on fire!

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