Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★½

feels like this movie is meant to be a joke that you’re dared to join in on. there are times when it’s laugh out loud funny and times when it creeps under your skin in inexplicable ways to unsettle you. lynch accomplishes this by mixing tones so that you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be feeling—distorting genres, twisting expectations, and leading to uncomfortable reactions from the audience. it juxtaposes truly grotesque images with comedic setups so that you can’t help but smile and cringe at once. the reoccurring lynchian symbols of road montages, abrupt flames, industrial noises were all present. the wizard of oz stuff verges on pure satire at times but never in a way that seems spiteful. but as is his MO lynch never truly shows his hand as to whether he’s being earnest or facetious. whether he’s an almost alien entity operating in wholesome idioms or the biggest smartass of all time patiently waiting to see if you’ll ever figure out that he’s pulling your leg. all of that aside, the film has many moments of pure sentimentality. the ending itself is truly romantic in a profound way. there’s still too many spurious elements and discombobulated arcs to put it on the top tier of lynch’s filmography. it’s still a bop though. i really want a snakeskin jacket now though, ngl.

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