Eternals ★★★½

Marvel’s Eternals is very different from other MCU titles, but it’s a really good movie with a strong plot and deep character development. Some great character development is sprinkled throughout the story. Definitely a Chloé Zhao film, which some people may be unfamiliar with, but it’s a fresh take in the MCU. Not sure if it’s because I was expecting something way worse due to the early critic reviews, but I really enjoyed it! Both post credit scenes are so well done to build hype and set the stage for the future. My only complaints are that the CGI on the deviants could have been better and the first hour felt a bit slow due to story building, but that’s necessary to take flight for the following hour and a half. I honestly expect a much higher audience score on Rotten Tomatoes in comparison to the critic score. I do see this being a hit at the box office due to word of mouth. Go into it with an open mind, I do recommend it.

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