Scream ★★★★

“Hello, Sidney…”

Scream (2022) just freaking slays. It’s surprising gruesome, extremely self aware, and a lot of fun overall. It really is a full circle rollercoaster seeing the original characters on screen again alongside the new cast. If you’ve seen Scream 1-4, you know they aren’t horror films, they’re a slasher murder mystery where all hell breaks loose in the third act. If you haven’t seen the other movies, this is still a great and complete story, but you will enjoy it way more if you have. This one pays so much tribute to everything that made the original so special, it just feels right. It’s impressive how they took existing elements of the series and made them feel brand new again. If you were hesitant to see this 5th installment, don’t be, it has everything you loved about the original and it fits perfectly in today’s modern era. When the cast, crew, and critics all say “Wes would be proud”, Wes would definitely be proud.