The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Apocalypse Now for today's generation

Robert Eggers is one of those directors where you feel his films. I don't know if it's the mythical elements or the writing style, but you always find yourself sucked in. The Northman was my most anticipated movie of 2022, and whenever a movie holds that title it's hard for it to live up to those expectations. I don't know if this did or didn't live up to them, Im stuck right in the middle. It was a different movie than I was expecting,but that was mainly down to the excellent trailer not revealing anything substantial. In typical Eggers fashion, this is brilliantly shot and framed with a fucking thumping score. This also just solidifies that Robert Eggers is substantially better than Ari Aster. He makes cohesive stories that don't wallow in their own self pity. Sorry, I don't like Ari. Can't wait for whatever Robert does next(please be Nosferatu!).

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