Blue Valentine ★★★★

Once again, Ryan Gosling delivers a gut-wrenching performance of falling in love only to leave us torn into shreds by the end of it. Someone please give this man happier endings!!

This film did not shy away from despair in the slightest and what broke me the most was that this somehow crept on me and just quietly shattered any positive sentiments I had toward marriage and love in general. Nothing is more devastating than confidently going into a seemingly imperishable thing and watching it detonate right in front of you without any means of keeping it in existence. It's terrifying to think that there's a chance for love and gratitude to be replaced with stifling resentment...and to not know at what point it would become irreversible almost makes it more promising to not put ourselves in that position to begin with.

Fading in and out between past and present moments was a technique that was carried out almost flawlessly. I am floored.

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