Tenet ★★★★

ultimate blend of dumb-guy-brain action movie and genuinely imaginative and proficient cinematic craft. nolan, historically known for his exposition-laden plots and metaphysical posturing, makes what boils down to a time-crimes espionage flick full of convoluted space-time jargon that doesn’t bear any immediate meaning for viewers with an assumption that the audience will just lay back and take the ride. once you give in, it’s a total treat. Nolan knows how to put together exciting, visceral action sequences, and the way he goes hog wild here in playing with the fabric of time and allowing certain sequences to play out with confusion because he’s confident in his later reveals is really fun to watch unfold. for as opaque as the plot is for so much of it, it’s amazing how exhilarating the movie feels for the entire runtime. this finds the right line of impenetrable lore and plotting while giving the audience just enough to hold onto to make it worthwhile. and once you get past the details, this ultimately ends up, in some ways, being some of Nolan’s most straightforward work yet — just two bros racing through time to save the world together. doesn’t get better than this. anyway, remember to look through the proofing window before going through the turnstile and that regular air can’t pass through the membranes of inverted lungs

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