Malignant ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

movies need not be good to be great…

i don’t care what the reviews end up saying: the b-movie camp WORKS and after i figured out wan’s shtick i was fully with him, legitimately clasped my hands together and laughed like a child during the third act (re: wan’s commitment to absurdity + the fleeting moment in the police station sequence where some john wick esque fight choreography reared its head) and when maddy’s broken ass head shut at the end like elevator doors???? WHO ELSE IS DOING CINEMA LIKE THIS TODAY

the last minute pro-adoption message is the icing on the cake… the representation is HERE you’re just not looking HARD ENOUGH

has echoes of wan’s insidious directing but don’t go in expecting big scares. go for the b-movie horror + the evocation of childlike glee

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