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  • Peppermint Candy

    Peppermint Candy


    Peppermint Candy could have been a simple film, like the flavor of the candy. Sugar and peppermint, the experience of which escalates gradually. Peppermint Candy could have been simple linearly. A comprehensive character exploration and the gradual escalation of his internal conflict, causing his deterioration and leading to his eventual destruction. But the employment of any narrative simplicity would have been dishonest to the narrative itself.

    Lee Chang Dong's chooses to tell his story in reverse chronology and establishes why…

  • Water and Power

    Water and Power


    Sometimes it is about the effect images have on your consciousness. Metaphors and socio-political implications can be derived from a devoted session of brainstorming, only if there is a will to do that. I chose to remain stunned in the moments.

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  • Junun


    There are not enough stars in the sky for music. Music is the only divine in this material world.

    Junun can be scrutinized and appreciated like any other documentary film. But that person wouldn't be me here. I was completely mesmerized.

  • Chintu Ka Birthday

    Chintu Ka Birthday


    Rewarding the film with admiration for it rewarded me with comfort. I made a sweet trade of time, preceded by a leap of faith when I went into the film. Chintu ka Birthday doesn't hit the bull's eye but you appreciate it for hitting close.

    This film doesn't care about mainstream hindi cinema tropes of narrative. It knows how to utilize sound and camera. The score is not piercing your ears to threaten you biologically into believing the environment of…