Green Book

Green Book ★½

Hot take, Bohemian Rhapsody >>>>>>>> Green Book.

While Bohemian Rhapsody was a watered down and sanitized version of the real story of Queen (which is rather graphic if you ask me) at least it wasn’t offensively bad. Green Book is offensive in some ways. 

While I clearly am not one to call every other movie racist, I know a racist film when I see one. All it does is shove stereotypes down your throat and it doesn’t effectively portray the deep implications and impacts of racism like a film such as Blindspotting does. Even Black Panther, which I did enjoy a lot more on rewatch even though I still wouldn’t say I loved it, had some very provakative political commentary on modern racism even if it was blended in with black twitter memes. 

I will also mention that BlacKkKlansman has more interesting themes of the same issues this film attempts to address. While BlacKkKlansman did fail at going deep with its message and has a lot of issues presenting it, it at least had something to say and didn’t force stereotypes down everyone’s throats. On top of that, the movie was actually competently written and had some very impressive filmmaking. Green Book doesn’t have any of the sort. The only merits it has are some of the performances and the soundtrack. 

Anyways, I am quite convinced that Green Book is a terrible movie. It really upsets me that the Academy would rather have this be nominated for Best Picture, OG Screenplay, etc over much more deep and well-made films like Blindspotting, Thunder Road, and Eighth Grade. I honestly want this movie to be completely shut out at the Oscars. I’ve never wanted that so passionately for a film. If this actually manages to win Best Picture, I will be genuinely upset.

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