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  • 20 Million Miles to Earth

    20 Million Miles to Earth


    There's a dialogue exchange here where American military men mention to the local Italian authorities that their men came from Venus and are "corrected" that it's pronounced Venice. I like to imagine a similar exchange inspired this fun little movie that takes a very King Kong-like story, but makes it a quickly growing creature from the planet Venus, who's taken to Rome and wreaks havoc after escaping its containment, making its way to an iconic landmark.

    Understandably Ray Harryhausen's creature…

  • Stage Struck

    Stage Struck


    And introducing Christopher Plummer...

    With the passing of any actor or filmmaker I like, I always look over their filmography to see what's well regarded that I've yet to see, even if I don't end up getting around to them for a while. When said actor is one of the greatest Canada has ever produced, and I saw that his first feature film was directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda (re-teaming the year after 12 Angry Men) and…

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  • Bachelor Mother

    Bachelor Mother


    Only in a screwball comedy could a woman recently fired from her job, after a case of mistaken identity ending up with an unwanted adoption, and dating her boss, feel like a basic plot.

    As much as it's not perfect I ended up loving Bachelor Mother, as it's right up my alley. I always adore Ginger Rogers, she's great again in the lead here. David Niven is well cast, as he's able to play both the irresponsible cad who's heir…

  • Waltzes from Vienna

    Waltzes from Vienna


    Nothing spectacular, but my expectations were so low that I found a surprising amount of enjoyment. Though I went in blind, I'd heard it was Hitchcock's worst, got the impression that it was a stuffy period piece that Hitchcock basically slept his way through the making of. Instead I found a comedy with a solid amount of humor landing, a solid cast, a few masterful bits of filmmaking, and as it's a Johan Strauss Jr. biopic, there's of course a…