Titanic ★★★★★

Titanic (1997) - Directed by James Cameron
1001 Movies to Watch Before you Die #864

Welp. Here we are. My 1000th film. It took 18 years of life to get to one of the most famous movies of all time. After years of being pestered to watch it, I thought I may as well let it be my 1000th log.
I've always been scared to watch Titanic. Not because of its length but I always thought for the longest time I was going to hate it, yet it turned out to exceed my expectations.
Although constantly engaging and entertaining, the story isn't all that groundbreaking. I cared for Jack and Rose the entire time to the point I became a bit teary eyed towards the end (even though I knew what happened) but at the end of the day, it's a pretty simple love story, but it still kept me engaged the entire time. The technical aspects of this however, are a marvel and still hold up nearly twenty five years later. James Cameron is always dedicated to bringing his technical innovations to life and this did not disappoint.
Overall, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't call it one of my favorites of all time but I wasn't disengaged once throughout. I'm glad this was my 1000th. It's crazy I'm finally here. These past six months have been the most important part of my movie-watching journey so far and I hope to keep going. Here's to 2000.

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